Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another SMS Scam By Arvind Kejriwal

I just sent Text message (SMS) to 08806110335 and voted my choice for "Should-AAP-Form-A-Govt". I was charged 2 Rs. for this message. Not a big deal. Really?

Here are some points which indicates to another SMS scam by Arvind Kejriwal and CO. People who have short memory may want to recall the "Anna SMS Card" scam of 2011. The Case is still sub judice. I am surprised that none of these points are raised by Main Steam Media (MSM).

(1) I am charged 2 Rs. per SMS. Why? Shouldn't this be free? Does EC charge you for casting your vote? Who gets benefited? The Telecom Company? Or Kejariwal? Or Both? This needs to be answered.

(2) I can vote my choice without being in Delhi, without being a voter of Delhi, so as a Pakistani or anyone sitting in a enemy country. So First time in history, the whole world can opine on whether Kejari should form a govt in Delhi. Can someone please explain?

(3) I have 5 mobile connections, I am not restricted, I can send 5 votes. Good Going Mr. Kejariwal.

(4) I am sure some AAPtards will say this is just an opinion sharing between Kejari and his followers/Fans. Well He has some followers in Pakistan, Afganistan, China, Russia, Naxals, Maoists, terrorists too. So he is seeking opinion from them too.

(5) Students and Kids, who are below 18 years (legal age to vote) too can vote. Criminals, Terrorists, anti-social elements who are denied Voter registration by EC can vote.

(7) As per the Vote Share of the Delhi Assembly - BJP has 33 % Share, AAP has 30% Vote Share, Congress 25 %, Others 11 % and Nota 1%. So, It is clear that 70% of Delhi Voters don't want AAP to form the Government.

70% of Delhi voters have made their choice clear. So no point in asking them again. So Ideally AAP should ask 30% of its Voters whether they voted them to form the government or just to do dramatic politics by coughing in front of Cameras. 


Anonymous said...

LOL..too good, loved the last line :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, all valid points. Will somebody ask AK , YY and KV about this. Will this not defeat the purp[ose of election. Are they mocking election process and elecdtorate. I think this blog should be given a very wide publicity. Thanks for this.

Udan Tashtari said...


Anonymous said...

good and valid points.. should spread among the ppl of India.. who are always in dark about of actual facts...

MOHAN said...

Where were u sleeping.....when UPA n NDA are looting India with there scams.....I rate u as an 100% RETARD....If u have will fight against corrupted Politics n the System......but dont make rubbish Illusions while touching ur self.....

December 19, 2013 at 1:09 PM

Unknown said...

Dear Mohan, If hating me, cursing me can give clean chit to your Niramal Baba - Mr. Kejariwal, go ahead and be more aggressive in abusing.

But refering to previous scams isn't going to justify Kejariwal's scam. If you have guts, talk about the points that I have raised. Take it as a challenge.

By bashing anyone and everyone who utters a single word that goes against Kejari, You look like a blind follower. By doing this, you remove the thin line that is there between Kajari Bhaktas and Islamist Jihadis, Naxalites and Maoists.

Grow up, Kejariwal is into active politics now. Don't expect to be balled under arm.

Priydarshi (प्रियदर्शी) said...

Dear, I summarize ur points and reply, though not authorised, to the point:

1. U were not forced to vote. Its your will and newly born party, if not charged you, then sure will finance it by other means which will culminate in corruption.

2 to 5. Valid points to be taken care of by technocrats. And these charge serious lapse in the authenticity of referendum.

3. It is wrong to restrict referendum upon % of voters voted for AAP. After election got over, decision should be taken for the benefit of all.

With Best Wishes

Prateek Priyadarshi

Anonymous said...

if kejriwal is forming govt based on sms is matter of concern then please tell me why BJP is not forming govt after getting 32 seats, itni purani party hone k bawajood political exp k bawajood govt banane se BJP ki kyun fat rahi hai? kejriwal drama karte hai ya nahi iska pata to aanewala waqt batayega, lekin agar drama hai to ayodhya me dharm/ram mandir k nam per lakho hindu muslims ki bali chdhakar govt banane wali BJP se behtar hi hai aur gandhi name ka istemal karke satta ka fayda uthane wali CONG se bhi behtar hai, sms scam,camre k same coughing aisi bate likhkar main mudde se dhyan bhatkana achhi bat nahi hai, ye kam to politician 60 salo se karte aa rahe hai

Unknown said...

If you are supporting the SMS system to vote our choice, then let us stop the present election procedures and can save huge fund that is using for the election process and also it can divert to the development of the Country.. Let all the people start to SMS to elect their representatives instead of going to polling booth. Brothers and Sisters, these are utter bluffing and fooling the public. The people of Delhi voted against corrupted congress out from power, and are you thinking the same people wants AAP to come power with the support of the same congress. I think, the people have to start a huge agitation of such adjustments that was against the verdict of the people. Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

@Sree Kumar:
1. Please read the comment carefully, i am not supporting sms system for election but i want AAP to come in power and try to reduce corruption
2. Since you are living in Qatar, that's why you are not facing the common problems which raises because of corruption or probably you are giving bribe to get your works done in India so you may support BJP or Congress or any other does not make any difference in your life but i will support AAP
3. It seems that you are a person who loves to talk about Indian politics for your timepass/fun/hobby or trying to prove that you are very intellectual
4. By your name I can understand that from which part of India you belongs to, that's why you cannot understand and feel the pain of those peoples whose near and dear ones died in Ayodhya riots only because of BJP that's why i support AAP
5. I think you are earning good amount of money that's why you cannot understand that why a low earning person in India is unable to satisfy the basic needs of his family due to extreme inflation and corruption came because of Congress Govt, so you can support Congress but i will support AAP

Anonymous said...

@Sree Kumar:
6. You have shown so much intellectualism in your comment, if you are really concerned about India and its bad situation which is because of corruption then please come here from Qatar, live in India and join politics, if you promise to do better things for India then i will support you and i will not support AAP

Anonymous said...

@Sree Kumar:
Many of my friends who are engineers and doctors are working against corruption with APP for a better India, they should think only about themselves, go abroad and work in Air-conditioned glassy offices and post comments over internet as intellectuals just like you, that will resolve entire problems of India. why don't you start giving training on your intellectualism